About Us

Harley's Holistic Hounds was founded by Harley's mummy Stephanie (me). Harley came to live with me at 7 weeks of age on 29th April 2018. I knew I wanted to raise Harley naturally as it was best for him. I spent years researching and testing out several different products and brands. Harley has a great life and we want other dogs to be as happy, healthy & stress free as him!! Harley's Holistic Hounds was created so that dog owners can find all the best tried, tested and approved products in one place.

In 2022 I studied and completed a Level 3 Diploma in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare. This allows me to offer advice on training, feeding, transportation and much much more. I choose to offer this free of charge so that every dog owner can get the help they need.